People can talk about Islam and Love.
And people also know coupled is prohibited in Islam. 
Saying they are coupled mengikut sunnah or whatever.
They not ashamed telling people that they are making sin! (coupled mengikut sunnah kononnya).
They doing solat sunat, recite Quran and something else. 
But at the end, they keep berzikir(texting), thinking of thier partner, Talk until guling guling. 
Even make story about thier partner to thier friend! Ashamed. 
Isnt sin ? 
Zina kecil ?
Im the one should not talk about this. 
But this thing happen around me.
Wearing hijab and ketayap doesnt show your level of IMAN. 
Trust me.


The Journey Of Mohamad Sukri said...

yes..im agree with you..but you spoke english campur with bahasa melayu la..

DilahNadzir said...

hahaha..im not good in english. ):