struggling by myself

im wake up.
think..exam saying hello!
think..deep thinking again..
damn...im fall in sleep..

wake up again..
and think again..exam is coming.
why im like this?
keep remind myself
keep motivated myself.

at last.
take a note.
going through each word. absorb all the information.
done ! one chapter.
but still..im lazy around.
turn right and left on the bed.
think again.. no one will help me solving those scary question next week.
and one voice passing, someone will laugh seeing you failed !
damn! how dare you laugh at me?
it will never happen. NEVER!

im here.
in front lappy, writing to you. just to give courage to myself.
yes, i can. i want to success.
i just cant give up easily.

let studying guys!! :)

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