Once there was a man who loved a blind girl...

He wasn’t the most handsome looking guy in the world, but he was kind-hearted and humble. One day he went to propose the girl, but she refused. “How could i marry you when i’m blind?”, she asked “I would be a burden to you, i’m not good enough”. The man answered “My love for you is bigger than everything. If i gave you my sight, would you then marry me?”. The blind girl answered yes.

The next morning, when the girl opened her eyes, she was able to see for the first time in her life. She asked to see the man who had given her his eyes. When she saw him lying on the hospital bed, blinded, she changed her mind. “Why would i marry someone who’s blind?”, she thought. Then the girl walked away from the man who had given her everything. And he was left there, blinded by love.

I wished everyone would fall in love with their eyes closed.

p/s; once you get involved in 'love', you will 'taste' the blind of love. and sometime love make you being stupid among the people in the world.....  but dont ever2 you dare to called them stupid.

peace no war 


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